Thursday, December 5, 2013

Save the baby humans in utero, sketch by Gloria Poole,RN

Embryo in amniotic sac, sketch by Gloria Poole; watercolors
Embryo in amniotic sac, sketch by Gloria Poole; watercolors

I am adding this sketch here precisely because it was one of the first sketches I Gloria Poole drew of tiny humans and of medical illustrations. It is not perfect sketch but it serves the purpose of reminding the world that I began on the prolife cause in about year 1992 in the state of Georgia with a LLC [then] of words that WORK.  I have continued that cause since then and though I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009, I moved my art with me that was not stolen by thieves in Denver.  I am a US citizen and I write/ blog / paint / draw / sketch under the auspices of the First Amendment to the U S Constitution.  

The prodeathers have been relentless in trying to censor my PROLIFE words.  They lurk constantly trying to find some way to break into my telephones and or computer to try to harass and persecute me.  They haven't quit but neither have I! GOD is on my side since HE wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill" as recorded in Exodus. 

Also, I drew more artist illustrations of different stages of human development and put them on a site of mine at:  They are in pencil [graphite]  so you might have to deepen the contrast to see them well.
 Also, I have other prolife blogs and some of them, are:
And others also, but those will get you started.
 Please join the PROLIFE cause, and make your voices heard loud and clear for the cause of saving baby humans from premeditated destruction.
Also, for the record, I am white, Christian, single, woman and the biological mother of two grown daughters. I was born in the state of Georgia.  I paint as artist often and I blog and tweet for the cause. So many tiny humans have been slaughtered since that evil Roe v Wade usurpation of lawful authority,* that when you really think of the numbers it is nauseating.
* Footnote: It was an illegal usurpation of authority by the U S Supreme Court because there is no such right as "the right to kill ones offspring in the womb". No such right was ever authorized by both houses of Congress and the people in 2/3 of the states never ratified any fake "right of abortion". . Since GOD wrote that killing of humans is a wrong [Exodus 20:13, KJB] it was a mockery of GOD also, what those horrible "Justices" did in the Roe decision of infamy.
Gloria Poole,RN artist at my apt in Missouri; 5-Dec-2013 at 4:36 pm. 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Save the Baby Humans gold star for "You still got it" song/video.

Save the baby humans gold star photo-by-gloriapoole
Save the baby humans gold star photo-by-gloriapoole

This is a photo I photographed and I am adding it here today as a sort of recognition of a music video that I think is a very positive influence on child-bearing women and couples in their "golden years". That song/video is sung by Darryl Worley and it is entitled " You still got it" and the video [as he sings]  shows a man photographing his very pregnant wife and then imitating her being pregnant! And I'm not going to tell you the part about the older couple but it's great too.  I think it is one of the most profound but subtle prolife songs in existence because it says that pregnant women are still attractive to their husbands*, are still sexy, and are still worthwhile to their husbands. And that truth does much to defeat the planned parenthood lie that all men dump their wives/ girl friends when they get pregnant.  So, this is a public thanks to Darryl Worley for that song. Thanks, @DarrylWorley!

The prolife part of the video that concerns an older couple shows that getting older need not be a time of despair, but one of a carefree happiness and enjoyment of life and male-female relationships. That is a very prolife statement and it is done so well on that video.  If you haven't seen that video, with song sung by Darryl Worley, you should. It is very uplifting to the cause of saving the baby humans, and also saving old people from euthanasia via hospice so I am putting a gold star on that accomplishment in my own way. 

Also, for the record,  words that WORK [the original one begun by me in about yr 1992 in state of Georgia] and Tapestry of LIFE [also the original  one begun by me in yr 2003 in Colorado when I lived there] are  NOT on Facebook and were never on Facebook. And they were never  on Pinterest either. They always had website domains and/or blogs of their own and both of those were registered by me with Secretary of State of Georgia for words that WORK, and with Colorado Sec of State business services division for Tapestry of LIFE [which began as a TV show }.  All of the domains of both of those were stolen FROM me by criminals who broke into my accounts while I was in trauma dept of hospitals in Colorado and Missouri [yrs Jul 2006 and June, 2011] but I continue the official blogs. 

* Footnote: I was pregnant twice during my first marriage, and I remember how awkward and undesirable I felt and how much it affected my attitude.  I delivered two living daughters whose names are Jennifer and Leigh, who are now grown and married with children of their own, so I am grateful I endured that awkward time of being pregnant. 

This post is my way of trying to encourage singers of all sorts to write prolife words and sing them, and to use their considerable skills to create prolife content because young children are influenced very much by the music industry. The U S has to start encouraging live births because it is depopulating which brings any nation to ruin. 

 I also create prolife paintings and content, words, lessons, blogs and tweet on the prolife cause, trying to save baby humans from destruction. 

Also, for the record: I am white, single,  Christian, heterosexual  [necessary to write because one internet web hosting company tried to label me otherwise to provoke me] WOMAN.  

Gloria Poole, RN artist in all mediums of art; at my apt in Missouri; 9-Nov-2013 @ 2:00pm.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Overturn Roe now, time's a wasting!

This has been a stressful day because someone at remote tried to hijack my Tapestry of LIFE official blog. And it took much effort to reclaim it. More on the efforts of those who kill, to annihilate those who don't kill, later.
The purpose of this entry is to suggest the method of overturning Roe v Wade.
Quote: "BLACKMUN, J., Opinion of the Court

410 U.S. 113
Roe v. Wade

APPEAL FROM THE UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF TEXAS:"A. The appellee and certain amici argue that the fetus is a "person" within the language and meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment. In support of this, they outline at length and in detail the well known facts of fetal development. If this suggestion of personhood is established, the appellant's case, of course, collapses, [p157] for the fetus' right to life would then be guaranteed specifically by the Amendment. The appellant conceded as much on reargument. [n51] On the other hand, the appellee conceded on reargument [n52] that no case could be cited that holds that a fetus is a person within the meaning of the Fourteenth Amendment.". And I quote the 14th Amendment that was used to attempt to justify the evil of abortion:
All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside. No state shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws." from U S Constitution & Bill of Rights."
The obvious way to overturn Roe v Wade is to prove conclusively that a human being in the womb of a human woman is a human being.
I state that medical science proved that humans in the womb are distinct human beings about 2 decades ago, when the medical speciality of neonatalogy began, and babies in the womb began to be treated within the womb for medical conditions. Babies in the womb have had surgery in the womb. The world saw the photo of the tiny hand poking out from the mother's uterus to grasp the surgeon's hand. 
And common sense plus the law of genetics states that each species reproduces after its own kind and only its own kind. Therefore, humans reproduce humans. Also, there is more about this on my Tapestry of LIFE blog for today's entry at
 I have endured in the past few days a break-in to my apt, a break in to my cell phone, and today an attempt to hijack my blog for Tapestry of LIFE. I updated my blog finally for Tapestry of LIFE at, after many attempts.  I am certain it is not accidental, but an attempt by criminals at remote to ruin me.
I am white, single, Christian, woman who is divorced twice; and the mother of 2 grown daughters. I am also a Registered Nurse with a current license in Missouri. And I paint in oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks, goauche, tempera, powdered pastels using brushes, pens, pencils, on canvas, sketch books, paper, bristol board, and sometimes I post art I create to my blogs. You may see some of the art I create at:
And on other blogs of mine. Remember I Gloria Poole own the copyright and all rights to the art I create. Gloria Poole; at my apt in Missouri that is my only residence; 5-Oct-2013 @ 3:10pm.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thanks Illinois, Texas, North Carolina--it's a good start.

To PROLIFE news , please do NOT depict photo of evil Obama on any of your reports, broadcasts, or marches because he is NOT prolife. Do not deceive people. His "ObamaCare" is a plan to kill millions of tiny humans with taxpayer dollars. Yes, I know they think they deceived all people with that different fund deception but think: if you create a budget from your income and you put some of it in one envelope and some of it in say five more envelopes, isn't it still all from your income? Allocating the taxpayers' income into a "separate fund" to pay for abortifacients, abortions, sterilizations is not a prolife act or courageous. 
For the news from several states that affect human life: with quote: "the Illinois Supreme Court issued a decision to uphold a parental notification law enacted way back in 1995." And also this quote: "is scheduled to go into effect in 35 days. It isn’t perfect. It allows for notification of not only one parent but also “a person over 21 years of age who is the parent, grandparent, step-parent living in the household, or legal guardian.” In the law a minor is considered anyone under 18."
In news on 11-July-2013,.

 In Texas : "HB 2, the pro-life measure that has sparked heated debate "" ... passed its second reading with a vote of 98-49, having gained four votes since Davis' filibuster." [quote from The Examiner ] Article is at:; and it has some very shocking words and events that pro-deathers did and said. Also , more on subject of PROLIFE legislation in Texas. a quote: " The Texas House approved its version of a bill on Wednesday (July 10) that would forbid most abortions beyond 20 weeks, require ambulatory clinic standards for abortion facilities and require abortion doctors to have hospital privileges within 30 miles of their practices.

House Bill 2 now goes to the Texas Senate, which could vote on the Senate version, SB 1, as early as Friday." Actually, you have to label it as making progress toward being prolife because it doesn't stop the bulk of abortions. 
Read article at:
Also, another quote from same article: "
Southern Baptists on the platform included Jim Richards, executive director of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, and Steve Washburn, pastor of First Baptist Church in Pflugerville, both of whom prayed, and First Baptist Church of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, who kicked off the rally with a fiery speech characterizing the abortion debate as being between "light and darkness, good and evil, the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan."

  Richards, who closed the rally in prayer, reminded the crowd that more than 2,400 SBTC churches stand with them in upholding the sanctity of human life as part of their confession of faith."

 And more on the topic of the mob that happened that in Texas with this quote: "I can’t even put into print some of the words shouted at me and Pro-Lifers by the angry rent-a-mob funded by [organizations that kill]  Planned Parenthood,NARAL, MoveOn, and the International Socialist organization.That quote from : another day in the life of your average Pro-Lifer."

 And more still about  baby shoes as reminder of tiny humanity at:

 See the tiny human in the palm of hand  at:; that the Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times and USAToday labeled as "too controversial" to publish. Imagine that. A tiny human sitting in the palm of a human's hand is considered "too controversial" by newspapers to publish. It's sort of shocking but then you realize that the way evil has prevailed in the past was to deceive people. It's a trick as old as the  Garden of Eden when the representative of the devil deceived Eve telling her if she disobeyed GOD she would become like GOD. That was a no-brainer deception and so is Planned Parenthood, that doesn't plan for any woman to be a mother or any man to be a father [parent].

I am posting these snippets here because as you see the big picture across the nation, the nation is gradually becoming more prolife.;except for those groups who were evil to begin with [face it: any org that kills tiny defenseless humans has no redeeming value].

Also, don't forget the state of N C is busy enacting some restrictions on abortion.  The Senate Bill  # S353 that was retitled "Health & Safety law Changes" is to be voted on today I think or possibly tomorrow . There was some confusion about the timing of vote. You can follow events there on twitter via @NCCapitol  ; which is the twitter feed of WRAL Govt Coverage of NC State Capitol.

Gloria Poole,RN; at my apt in Missouri 11-July-2013 at 12:58pm

Friday, May 17, 2013

Save the baby Humans is PROLIFE--so there IRS

I am writing to protest the harassment by the IRS of quote "conservative" causes. Those proaborts choke on the word prolife or they don't recognize the characters in it, not sure which. I have been spied on since about 1993, and virtually every computer I have owned anywhere since that horrible then-Pres B Clinton was in office, was hacked by feds trying to spy on me, trying to find some way to harass me or  censor my words, or suppress my online efforts, or ruin my life in some way. I also had "issues" with the IRS this year in several ways: 1) they altered my tax refund; and they said some "third party" had access to my IRS file [I'm sure that 3rd party was probably that GOD-forsaken Planned Parenthood killing org trying to find another way to impoverish me since stealing my emails and domains didn't accomplish it for them.] 2) and they told me to send in tax money for taxes on money I DIDN'T LEGALLY HAVE TO REPORT TO THEM IN ANY WAY, but did. 3) they sent me a letter telling me that if I didn't send the tax money on the money I didn't have to report [inheritance from my mother who died in Jan 20101] they would unlawfully confiscate all of my possessions. My reply was that seizure by federal government of private property without due process is illegal in the US and they should schedule a hearing about it, and I would show up in person with documents proving it was inheritance money. It was not a surprise to them that it was inheritance money as I have five siblings who all got inheritance money also.
 Now, here's the thing. I had to think on this because the Press said the IRS was harassing "conservative" groups such as "Tea Party" and " Patriots" and those who promoted/ taught the U S Constitution [me!] and those who complained about ObamaCare [me again], and those who complained about the way this nation is run [me again]. What the Press didn't say is that the entire PROLIFE cause across the nation has been relentlessly persecuted, harassed, spied on, had computers hacked into by that GOD-forsaken Obama and his hacking team, had their financial accounts broken into to get bank card numbers to use to try to block the use of bona-fide accounts of U S citizens to pay for anything remotely mentioning the word PROLIFE, been labeled as "potential t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-ts"  by the awful, ungodly head of the so-called Homeland Security for saying, writing ,publishing that AS A CLASS PROLIFERS ARE OPPOSED TO KILLING OF INNOCENTS ;  been spied on by the IRS, persecuted by the IRS, endured attempts by the IRS to extort money, blah, blah, blah . I have endured these sort of events in these so-called United States since about 1992, when I first began writing to oppose abortion. So, I am not naive as to the ways of the federal government and its shadow government of Planned Parenthood womb-assassins. But I read two statements today in news sent to my inbox that made me think "that's it--I'm telling" on the I.R.S for the sake of the PROLIFE cause of saving tiny human beings from premeditated mass murder.
  The two statements that infuriate me are 1)  that one newsletter said the IRS tried to extract promises from prolife groups that were seeking non-profit status that as a condition of getting not-for-profit status they had to agree not to protest Planned Parenthood.  2) that prolife groups were asked by the IRS to SUBMIT THE WORDS OF THEIR PRAYERS to the IRS. I was enraged when I read the audacity of that evil Obama who is behind of all that of that IRS and Homeland Security evil. I still am.
 So, I will make it easy for the IRS.  I don't have not-for-profit status and never ever did as it has too many conditions and I believe in the First Amendment to state my beliefs without fear of reprisal by the governments.  Here are the words of one of my prayers that I often pray:
 FATHER GOD in heaven, I come before you in The Name of JESUS with my petitions, that you remove from all elected offices or appointed positions across this nation those who have set about laying a plan to kill the unborn, or to prevent live births, or  to provide financial support or weapons to those who kill the innocent in the womb, or who vote for measures to depopulate the U S and or destroy tiny human beings in their mothers' wombs; and that you somehow in whatever method pleases you as THE ALMIGHTY GOD stop that evil Planned Parenthood; and their legal maneureverings to persecute, harass those who oppose killing of innocents, and stop the implementation of laws that have the goal of depopulating the nation and/or  destroying the tiniest most defenseless citizens of the  U S [those in the womb or infants] ;  and restore sanity, and respect for human life to this nation. Amen [so let it be done in accordance with GOD's words].
  I am not ashamed of the gospel nor of believing The Holy Bible to be true. I base all deeds and words of my life and activities upon the Scriptures. I claim my authority as the U S Constitution since I am a U S citizen born in the state of Georgia; and especially on the words as they are written in the First Amendment to petition the government for redress of grievances, to believe in THE ALMIGHTY GOD  without harassment or persecution by any government on this continent of United States ' soil or its air space or its waters offshore. If the IRS or any other agency plans to harass me for writing these words, well, they know where I live and I will do my best to defend myself in all ways, at all times, by the grace of GOD and with the help of GOD, I write my legal name: Gloria Poole ; at my apt in Missouri; 6:58pm; 17-May-2013
Anyone may print this post for any lawful purpose. And you may quote me as long as you quote me word for word and attribute my words to me.  Gloria Poole, R.N. licensed in Missouri and artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen/inks, goauche, tempera, powdered pastels, with other blogs besides this one.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Thanks to Tim Tebow & Gov Bob McDonnell for helping save baby humans

My favorite NFL player who happens to be Christian and PROLIFE  quarterback
Tim Tebow is speaking at prolife event; [with great photo of that handsome man] at:; with quote: "Tebow will appear at an Involved for Life event in April at the Dallas Omni Hotel and the following day he will also appear at a Trinity Christian Academy fundraiser." [from The Dallas News].  This news was sent to my personal inbox to help publicize. If you will be in the Dallas, Texas area go meet Tim and talk to him about prolife experiences.

 Also, I have a special fondness for the state of Virginia because I have cousins there; and once had an RN license there while I lived in Falls Church. So this news is particularly exciting to me too:
From; w/ quote :"Gov. Bob McDonnell proposed an amendment Monday that would prohibit abortion coverage in health insurance plans purchased through the federal health care exchange that will soon be available in Virginia.
The amendment, which also prevents individuals from purchasing abortion coverage in addition to a regular health insurance plan, must now be approved by the General Assembly.
“No qualified health insurance plan that is sold or offered for sale through an exchange established or operating in the Commonwealth shall provide coverage for abortions, regardless of whether such coverage is provided through the plan or is offered as a separate optional rider thereto,” the amendment reads."

 I am making an effort to publicly thank in some way those people who take a stand for the preborn tiny humans in the womb.  So I am thinking they are charter members of the SAVE THE BABY HUMANS [as yet to be created, club].
Also, you could follow me [Gloria Poole,RN] on twitter on this topic @ProlifeNurse; and also @personhood1. I have twitter accounts in my name also, fyi, and with pseudonym that uses an ancestor's name.
 Also,  you will find more prolife news and events on these blogs of mine below. Each site is unique.
Gloria Poole,RN licensed in Missouri; 6-April-2013 @ 11:21am; at my apt in Missouri.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Exciting things are Happening--save baby humans

Wonderful news is that North Dakota is the first state in the nation to ban abortions after the heartbeat of the baby in the womb is heard by doppler.
 These news snippets  are from news letters and or emails sent to me, for the purpose of helping to publicize. From  The Spokesman [news] of Spokane Washington with website of :  these quotes:
"Regarding George Hale’s “Pro-lifers are inconsistent” (March 10), I’m qualified to speak. He’s aghast a man like me could support the death penalty for a lawbreaker, and yet not support the gruesome death of an unborn who has broken no laws.
Hmmm. An adult poised to experience the death penalty has been thoroughly examined for irreparable harm to society. A baby poised to experience the death penalty has done exactly what? Irrationality reigns in a society that justifies its own convenience." These quotes from The Spokeman Review and are the words of Bruce Hogan, per that link. This was sent to my inbox as prolife news, to help publicize.  

Also, from of The Daily Times (news) of  Farmington, New Mexico, these quotes: "Large pro-life/anti-abortion signs have been showing up in prominent locations throughout the county over the past few years, containing messages such as "God is pro-life," "Abortion is always the wrong choice," and "Please don't believe the lies, abortion kills a baby."

From Red Alert Politics at : this info: "According to Congresswoman Ann Wagner (R-Mo.), America’s youth is the most important tool for the pro-life movement.
“I am lifted up every single day by the young people that are willing to give the sanctity of life and the pro-life movement a voice,” Wagner said during the panel.
Tim Goeglein, Vice President of Focus on the Family, added that he was astonished by how many young people traveled all the way to Washington, D.C. for March for Life this year.
“It is amazing the  number of young people who come,” he said. “They are motivated by the social justice aspect of the pro-life movement.  He added: “I think it’s the reason why Roe will eventually be overturned. Even ultrasounds, which have historically been the key instrument in spreading the pro-life movement throughout the United States, are being modernized for America’s youth. Interested individuals can now download an app to their smartphone that allows them to see and hear their baby’s ultrasound." 
And this news: "the Pro-Life Aggies of Texas A&M University have started a scholarship fund that awards one to two scholarships to parenting students every semester. In order to fund the scholarship, the Aggies host an annual 5k Fun Run, and 100% of the proceeds go directly towards assisting A&M’s pregnant and parenting students." That quote from article in Live Action News at: . Also, they are helping sponsor the "Pregnant on Campus Initiative" of  that is the most wonderful cause of saving human babies from destruction while their mothers are University students. One of the things they are doing is putting baby changing stations on college campuses, and providing scholarship money and moral support to women who get pregnant while in college.
  It energizes me to see that the prolife momentum is sweeping the nation, particularly on college campuses.
Repeat for emphasis:  North Dakota is the first state in the nation to ban abortions after the heartbeat of the baby in the womb is heard by doppler.  That is truly a breakthrough, and I am praying that all states do likewise. It is acknowledgement that humans in the womb are human with a beating heart, and all organs fully developed within weeks after the male sperm enters the female egg.
 This is a brief summary of prolifers who are doing something to SAVE THE BABY HUMANS.
 Please be one of the "good guys" --join the prolife cause.
The things you can do to help are:
write letters to your local news editor;
blog on the topic, research, find the news about prolife events, publicize them;
create art, graphics, photographs illustrating the truth of the humanity in the womb
write songs, poems, publish them on web to promote, encourage women to give birth to living babies,  and to encourage men to be bold for their offspring;
 march in the street holding signs or cards. posters
give as money or time as you can to the cause
 talk to your children, friends, church, Pastor on the subject--make your voices heard
run for office and commit it to The Lord, who is looking for men to stand in the gap for this nation ;
 put up prolife billboards
speak in churches, town hall meetings, and refuse to be shushed on the topic
email everyone you know [in spurts of activity so not labeled by isp] to ask them to voye prolife
 send the prolife scriptures on your envelopes with stickers, hand written scripture;
 P.U.S.H* for truth to break through to the nation, to overcome the propaganda of the prodeathers.
Support with prayer, occasional meals, encouragement the prolifers because to be actively prolife and very visible about it, in the U.S  is equivalent in risk to the risks the abolitionists took in the 1860's . Because there is a shadow government of planned unparenthood that has much money, many bought legislators, and many bought Judges who have created a stranglehold on schools, universities, Congress, news agencies etc, that is only slowly beginning to splinter into fragments.
 * footnote: P.U.S.H means pray until something happens!
 Gloria Poole,RN and artist ; @ my apt in Missouri; 17-March-2013 @ 1:12pm.


Thursday, February 14, 2013



It is written, "At the same time, came one of the disciples unto Jesus, saying, 'who is the greatest in the Kingdom of heaven?' And Jesus called a little child unto Him and set him in the midst of them, and said, 'verily I say unto you, 'except ye be converted and become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Whosoever therefore shall humble himself as this little child, the same is geatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoso shall receive one such little child in My Name, receiveth Me. And whoso shall offend one of these little ones which believe in Me, it were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck and that he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe unto the world because of offenses! ...Take heed that ye despise not one of these little ones; for their angels do always behold the face of My FATHER [GOD] which is in heaven... Even so, it is not the will of your FATHER which is in heaven that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18: 1-7a,10, 14 King James Holy Bible.

I write often on blogs and tweets to advocate for the preborn humans. The greatest civil rights cause of this century is saving the human race from destruction at the hands of predators such as Planned Parenthood, and Center for Reproductive [so-called] "rights'; but GOD wrote in stone that killing is a sin against GOD. in Exodus 20:13, as written "thou shalt not kill".

One project I am "working" on [not a job, I have no employer or boss] but striving to do is to teach myself how to paint beautiful paintings of mothers and babies, and newborns, to try to stir up the in-born maternal instinct of women, and the paternal instinct of men. Above you will see one of those efforts to paint a sleeping baby stretched on the daddy's arm. it is an oil painting; and though I am not totally satisfied with it, it is the best I could do until I practice more. I named that oil painting "Baby".

I logged back in to add this sketch in acrylics, that I drew & painted and named "you don't want me to have soda?" as inspired by my toddler grandbaby, who was upset about no Pepsi for him.  Hope you enjoy. Also, fyi, as I was uploading this and after having cropped the paint supplies on the right, the cropped image was stolen from the uploader. [ An aside:  Cyber-criminals in faraway places who break into my computer and isp accounts  are going to go to prison soon, very soon. }

I studied art to be a docent years ago for The High Museum of Art in Atlanta, GA. I studied studio art in various ways also. But in the process of learning to be an art docent I studied the paintings of some of the famous artists. Mary Cassatt's paintings of mothers and babies was an inspiration to me. I am not nearly as good an artist as she was in her generation, but I keep trying, by doing sketches, and paintings. You should google her name and art, because they are really beautiful paintings, tranquil, lovely altogether.

I must also add that I am the white, single, heterosexual woman, who is also an R.N. and artist in many artists' mediums. I have blogs that display some of my art beginning years ago, and you should be able to find some of that by googling my name as "Gloria Poole" with quotes ; or as gloriapoole; or as gloria0817; or as gpoole817. 
Thank you for reading this. 

Gloria Poole,RN; @ my apt in Missouri; 14-Feb-2014; 5:24 pm

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Save the Baby humans is Great slogan Civil rights

I coined the phrase save the baby humans some time ago, and began writing it on this blog and also on some of my Twitter accounts.  That slogan was photographed by the Washington Post 's journo this past Friday at the annual march for Life, as a prolifer marched with it in crowd. Most all Americans grew up being constantly bombarded with images of suffering baby seals being clubbed to death. Now, it is time to transfer that mental image to the millions of  suffering tiny humans in the enclosed sac of "waters'* being clubbed to death by paid assassins [abortionists] with metal instruments. And being torn limb to limb, shredded, chopped, diced , smeared onto agar plates for phony research. The only research those evil people are doing is how to extract billions from the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.
 So, it is waaaaaaaaaaaay past time for the U S to think Save the baby HUMANS in every thing they do. Every time they consider buying a product they should research to see if the manufacturing company  or the distributor of it encourages or financially supports killing of innocents in wombs. If so, they should boycott/ not buy their products. So that rules out buying Microsoft products and hewlett-packard right off the bat. Both of those companies are major contributors to the killing ngo known euphemistically as Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood does not plan for any one anywhere to ever be a parent or a grandparent. They are the moral equivalent of the "gas ovens " of Nazi Germany that were really fake showers that rained down death in the form of a poisonous gas [Zyklon B] , and then the bodies of those gassed to death were cremated to hide the evidence of the gas in their blood. Read the book The Nazi Doctors by Robert J Lifton,MD.
  Also, as a good American, protest in every way possible the genocide, crime against humanity of abortion. Abortion kills an innocent baby but it also kills the aborting mother at times; and the marriage or relationship that produced the tiny human. Can there be any more severe rejection of a human man that rejecting, killing his sperm--his most precious of all gift? Why men want women who do that ultimate rejection of them on the most visceral level escapes my comprehension? If a man in an intimate relationship with me despised the most intimate parts of me, I would have nothing to do with him; and I'd eject him from my life with great speed.

 Abortion is also bad for the community because everyone knows. Regardless of how much propaganda those who kill pump into schools and universities there is that yuck factor, that turn up your nose in disgust factor when you find out a woman aborted her own baby. And also a fear forms. Because you know on some deep gut level if she'd kill without mercy a tiny defenseless baby, she'd kill you too given an opportunity.  Abortion is bad for the nation also. The U S is depopulating. Foolish white people swallowed the propaganda of Planned Parenthood hook,line and sinker in huge numbers across the nation. The last time I researched it [about 1993] I learned from medical statistics that then there were 60 MILLION women in US sterilized unwittingly. That meant that 1/2 of the U S population of women were sterile--unable to conceive children [ Calculated  as then population was about 250 mllion, half of those were women= 125 million were women. Of those 125 million, half of those, 60 million were incapable of having babies from abortion, long-term use of contraceptives, hysterectomies].  What happens when a nation depopulates? Other nations take it over. think about Greece--how unimportant it is on world's stage.  They have no power, no Navy, no meaningful way of producing anything but ouzo to tourists.

Rethink every thing you do. Keep always in your mind the slogan SAVE THE BABY HUMANS! Please weigh in on the PROLIFE cause. Make your voices heard everywhere. The tide in the U S has turned. 52% of the U S population says abortion should not be legal in most circumstances.

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 Thank you for reading this. Gloria Poole,RN & artist in all artist's mediums; @ my apt in Missouri; 11:10am; 27-Jan-2013

* footnote:  [amniotic sac in womb, filled with salinated water]