Friday, May 17, 2013

Save the baby Humans is PROLIFE--so there IRS

I am writing to protest the harassment by the IRS of quote "conservative" causes. Those proaborts choke on the word prolife or they don't recognize the characters in it, not sure which. I have been spied on since about 1993, and virtually every computer I have owned anywhere since that horrible then-Pres B Clinton was in office, was hacked by feds trying to spy on me, trying to find some way to harass me or  censor my words, or suppress my online efforts, or ruin my life in some way. I also had "issues" with the IRS this year in several ways: 1) they altered my tax refund; and they said some "third party" had access to my IRS file [I'm sure that 3rd party was probably that GOD-forsaken Planned Parenthood killing org trying to find another way to impoverish me since stealing my emails and domains didn't accomplish it for them.] 2) and they told me to send in tax money for taxes on money I DIDN'T LEGALLY HAVE TO REPORT TO THEM IN ANY WAY, but did. 3) they sent me a letter telling me that if I didn't send the tax money on the money I didn't have to report [inheritance from my mother who died in Jan 20101] they would unlawfully confiscate all of my possessions. My reply was that seizure by federal government of private property without due process is illegal in the US and they should schedule a hearing about it, and I would show up in person with documents proving it was inheritance money. It was not a surprise to them that it was inheritance money as I have five siblings who all got inheritance money also.
 Now, here's the thing. I had to think on this because the Press said the IRS was harassing "conservative" groups such as "Tea Party" and " Patriots" and those who promoted/ taught the U S Constitution [me!] and those who complained about ObamaCare [me again], and those who complained about the way this nation is run [me again]. What the Press didn't say is that the entire PROLIFE cause across the nation has been relentlessly persecuted, harassed, spied on, had computers hacked into by that GOD-forsaken Obama and his hacking team, had their financial accounts broken into to get bank card numbers to use to try to block the use of bona-fide accounts of U S citizens to pay for anything remotely mentioning the word PROLIFE, been labeled as "potential t-e-r-r-o-r-i-s-ts"  by the awful, ungodly head of the so-called Homeland Security for saying, writing ,publishing that AS A CLASS PROLIFERS ARE OPPOSED TO KILLING OF INNOCENTS ;  been spied on by the IRS, persecuted by the IRS, endured attempts by the IRS to extort money, blah, blah, blah . I have endured these sort of events in these so-called United States since about 1992, when I first began writing to oppose abortion. So, I am not naive as to the ways of the federal government and its shadow government of Planned Parenthood womb-assassins. But I read two statements today in news sent to my inbox that made me think "that's it--I'm telling" on the I.R.S for the sake of the PROLIFE cause of saving tiny human beings from premeditated mass murder.
  The two statements that infuriate me are 1)  that one newsletter said the IRS tried to extract promises from prolife groups that were seeking non-profit status that as a condition of getting not-for-profit status they had to agree not to protest Planned Parenthood.  2) that prolife groups were asked by the IRS to SUBMIT THE WORDS OF THEIR PRAYERS to the IRS. I was enraged when I read the audacity of that evil Obama who is behind of all that of that IRS and Homeland Security evil. I still am.
 So, I will make it easy for the IRS.  I don't have not-for-profit status and never ever did as it has too many conditions and I believe in the First Amendment to state my beliefs without fear of reprisal by the governments.  Here are the words of one of my prayers that I often pray:
 FATHER GOD in heaven, I come before you in The Name of JESUS with my petitions, that you remove from all elected offices or appointed positions across this nation those who have set about laying a plan to kill the unborn, or to prevent live births, or  to provide financial support or weapons to those who kill the innocent in the womb, or who vote for measures to depopulate the U S and or destroy tiny human beings in their mothers' wombs; and that you somehow in whatever method pleases you as THE ALMIGHTY GOD stop that evil Planned Parenthood; and their legal maneureverings to persecute, harass those who oppose killing of innocents, and stop the implementation of laws that have the goal of depopulating the nation and/or  destroying the tiniest most defenseless citizens of the  U S [those in the womb or infants] ;  and restore sanity, and respect for human life to this nation. Amen [so let it be done in accordance with GOD's words].
  I am not ashamed of the gospel nor of believing The Holy Bible to be true. I base all deeds and words of my life and activities upon the Scriptures. I claim my authority as the U S Constitution since I am a U S citizen born in the state of Georgia; and especially on the words as they are written in the First Amendment to petition the government for redress of grievances, to believe in THE ALMIGHTY GOD  without harassment or persecution by any government on this continent of United States ' soil or its air space or its waters offshore. If the IRS or any other agency plans to harass me for writing these words, well, they know where I live and I will do my best to defend myself in all ways, at all times, by the grace of GOD and with the help of GOD, I write my legal name: Gloria Poole ; at my apt in Missouri; 6:58pm; 17-May-2013
Anyone may print this post for any lawful purpose. And you may quote me as long as you quote me word for word and attribute my words to me.  Gloria Poole, R.N. licensed in Missouri and artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen/inks, goauche, tempera, powdered pastels, with other blogs besides this one.