Saturday, November 9, 2013

Save the Baby Humans gold star for "You still got it" song/video.

Save the baby humans gold star photo-by-gloriapoole
Save the baby humans gold star photo-by-gloriapoole

This is a photo I photographed and I am adding it here today as a sort of recognition of a music video that I think is a very positive influence on child-bearing women and couples in their "golden years". That song/video is sung by Darryl Worley and it is entitled " You still got it" and the video [as he sings]  shows a man photographing his very pregnant wife and then imitating her being pregnant! And I'm not going to tell you the part about the older couple but it's great too.  I think it is one of the most profound but subtle prolife songs in existence because it says that pregnant women are still attractive to their husbands*, are still sexy, and are still worthwhile to their husbands. And that truth does much to defeat the planned parenthood lie that all men dump their wives/ girl friends when they get pregnant.  So, this is a public thanks to Darryl Worley for that song. Thanks, @DarrylWorley!

The prolife part of the video that concerns an older couple shows that getting older need not be a time of despair, but one of a carefree happiness and enjoyment of life and male-female relationships. That is a very prolife statement and it is done so well on that video.  If you haven't seen that video, with song sung by Darryl Worley, you should. It is very uplifting to the cause of saving the baby humans, and also saving old people from euthanasia via hospice so I am putting a gold star on that accomplishment in my own way. 

Also, for the record,  words that WORK [the original one begun by me in about yr 1992 in state of Georgia] and Tapestry of LIFE [also the original  one begun by me in yr 2003 in Colorado when I lived there] are  NOT on Facebook and were never on Facebook. And they were never  on Pinterest either. They always had website domains and/or blogs of their own and both of those were registered by me with Secretary of State of Georgia for words that WORK, and with Colorado Sec of State business services division for Tapestry of LIFE [which began as a TV show }.  All of the domains of both of those were stolen FROM me by criminals who broke into my accounts while I was in trauma dept of hospitals in Colorado and Missouri [yrs Jul 2006 and June, 2011] but I continue the official blogs. 

* Footnote: I was pregnant twice during my first marriage, and I remember how awkward and undesirable I felt and how much it affected my attitude.  I delivered two living daughters whose names are Jennifer and Leigh, who are now grown and married with children of their own, so I am grateful I endured that awkward time of being pregnant. 

This post is my way of trying to encourage singers of all sorts to write prolife words and sing them, and to use their considerable skills to create prolife content because young children are influenced very much by the music industry. The U S has to start encouraging live births because it is depopulating which brings any nation to ruin. 

 I also create prolife paintings and content, words, lessons, blogs and tweet on the prolife cause, trying to save baby humans from destruction. 

Also, for the record: I am white, single,  Christian, heterosexual  [necessary to write because one internet web hosting company tried to label me otherwise to provoke me] WOMAN.  

Gloria Poole, RN artist in all mediums of art; at my apt in Missouri; 9-Nov-2013 @ 2:00pm.