Thursday, December 5, 2013

Save the baby humans in utero, sketch by Gloria Poole,RN

Embryo in amniotic sac, sketch by Gloria Poole; watercolors
Embryo in amniotic sac, sketch by Gloria Poole; watercolors

I am adding this sketch here precisely because it was one of the first sketches I Gloria Poole drew of tiny humans and of medical illustrations. It is not perfect sketch but it serves the purpose of reminding the world that I began on the prolife cause in about year 1992 in the state of Georgia with a LLC [then] of words that WORK.  I have continued that cause since then and though I moved to Missouri in Oct 2009, I moved my art with me that was not stolen by thieves in Denver.  I am a US citizen and I write/ blog / paint / draw / sketch under the auspices of the First Amendment to the U S Constitution.  

The prodeathers have been relentless in trying to censor my PROLIFE words.  They lurk constantly trying to find some way to break into my telephones and or computer to try to harass and persecute me.  They haven't quit but neither have I! GOD is on my side since HE wrote in stone, "thou shalt not kill" as recorded in Exodus. 

Also, I drew more artist illustrations of different stages of human development and put them on a site of mine at:  They are in pencil [graphite]  so you might have to deepen the contrast to see them well.
 Also, I have other prolife blogs and some of them, are:
And others also, but those will get you started.
 Please join the PROLIFE cause, and make your voices heard loud and clear for the cause of saving baby humans from premeditated destruction.
Also, for the record, I am white, Christian, single, woman and the biological mother of two grown daughters. I was born in the state of Georgia.  I paint as artist often and I blog and tweet for the cause. So many tiny humans have been slaughtered since that evil Roe v Wade usurpation of lawful authority,* that when you really think of the numbers it is nauseating.
* Footnote: It was an illegal usurpation of authority by the U S Supreme Court because there is no such right as "the right to kill ones offspring in the womb". No such right was ever authorized by both houses of Congress and the people in 2/3 of the states never ratified any fake "right of abortion". . Since GOD wrote that killing of humans is a wrong [Exodus 20:13, KJB] it was a mockery of GOD also, what those horrible "Justices" did in the Roe decision of infamy.
Gloria Poole,RN artist at my apt in Missouri; 5-Dec-2013 at 4:36 pm.