Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thanks Illinois, Texas, North Carolina--it's a good start.

To PROLIFE news , please do NOT depict photo of evil Obama on any of your reports, broadcasts, or marches because he is NOT prolife. Do not deceive people. His "ObamaCare" is a plan to kill millions of tiny humans with taxpayer dollars. Yes, I know they think they deceived all people with that different fund deception but think: if you create a budget from your income and you put some of it in one envelope and some of it in say five more envelopes, isn't it still all from your income? Allocating the taxpayers' income into a "separate fund" to pay for abortifacients, abortions, sterilizations is not a prolife act or courageous. 
For the news from several states that affect human life: with quote: "the Illinois Supreme Court issued a decision to uphold a parental notification law enacted way back in 1995." And also this quote: "is scheduled to go into effect in 35 days. It isn’t perfect. It allows for notification of not only one parent but also “a person over 21 years of age who is the parent, grandparent, step-parent living in the household, or legal guardian.” In the law a minor is considered anyone under 18."
In news on 11-July-2013,.

 In Texas : "HB 2, the pro-life measure that has sparked heated debate "" ... passed its second reading with a vote of 98-49, having gained four votes since Davis' filibuster." [quote from The Examiner ] Article is at:; and it has some very shocking words and events that pro-deathers did and said. Also , more on subject of PROLIFE legislation in Texas. a quote: " The Texas House approved its version of a bill on Wednesday (July 10) that would forbid most abortions beyond 20 weeks, require ambulatory clinic standards for abortion facilities and require abortion doctors to have hospital privileges within 30 miles of their practices.

House Bill 2 now goes to the Texas Senate, which could vote on the Senate version, SB 1, as early as Friday." Actually, you have to label it as making progress toward being prolife because it doesn't stop the bulk of abortions. 
Read article at:
Also, another quote from same article: "
Southern Baptists on the platform included Jim Richards, executive director of the Southern Baptists of Texas Convention, and Steve Washburn, pastor of First Baptist Church in Pflugerville, both of whom prayed, and First Baptist Church of Dallas pastor Robert Jeffress, who kicked off the rally with a fiery speech characterizing the abortion debate as being between "light and darkness, good and evil, the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of Satan."

  Richards, who closed the rally in prayer, reminded the crowd that more than 2,400 SBTC churches stand with them in upholding the sanctity of human life as part of their confession of faith."

 And more on the topic of the mob that happened that in Texas with this quote: "I can’t even put into print some of the words shouted at me and Pro-Lifers by the angry rent-a-mob funded by [organizations that kill]  Planned Parenthood,NARAL, MoveOn, and the International Socialist organization.That quote from : another day in the life of your average Pro-Lifer."

 And more still about  baby shoes as reminder of tiny humanity at:

 See the tiny human in the palm of hand  at:; that the Chicago Tribune, The Los Angeles Times and USAToday labeled as "too controversial" to publish. Imagine that. A tiny human sitting in the palm of a human's hand is considered "too controversial" by newspapers to publish. It's sort of shocking but then you realize that the way evil has prevailed in the past was to deceive people. It's a trick as old as the  Garden of Eden when the representative of the devil deceived Eve telling her if she disobeyed GOD she would become like GOD. That was a no-brainer deception and so is Planned Parenthood, that doesn't plan for any woman to be a mother or any man to be a father [parent].

I am posting these snippets here because as you see the big picture across the nation, the nation is gradually becoming more prolife.;except for those groups who were evil to begin with [face it: any org that kills tiny defenseless humans has no redeeming value].

Also, don't forget the state of N C is busy enacting some restrictions on abortion.  The Senate Bill  # S353 that was retitled "Health & Safety law Changes" is to be voted on today I think or possibly tomorrow . There was some confusion about the timing of vote. You can follow events there on twitter via @NCCapitol  ; which is the twitter feed of WRAL Govt Coverage of NC State Capitol.

Gloria Poole,RN; at my apt in Missouri 11-July-2013 at 12:58pm