Sunday, January 27, 2013

Save the Baby humans is Great slogan Civil rights

I coined the phrase save the baby humans some time ago, and began writing it on this blog and also on some of my Twitter accounts.  That slogan was photographed by the Washington Post 's journo this past Friday at the annual march for Life, as a prolifer marched with it in crowd. Most all Americans grew up being constantly bombarded with images of suffering baby seals being clubbed to death. Now, it is time to transfer that mental image to the millions of  suffering tiny humans in the enclosed sac of "waters'* being clubbed to death by paid assassins [abortionists] with metal instruments. And being torn limb to limb, shredded, chopped, diced , smeared onto agar plates for phony research. The only research those evil people are doing is how to extract billions from the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, Maryland.
 So, it is waaaaaaaaaaaay past time for the U S to think Save the baby HUMANS in every thing they do. Every time they consider buying a product they should research to see if the manufacturing company  or the distributor of it encourages or financially supports killing of innocents in wombs. If so, they should boycott/ not buy their products. So that rules out buying Microsoft products and hewlett-packard right off the bat. Both of those companies are major contributors to the killing ngo known euphemistically as Planned Parenthood. Planned Parenthood does not plan for any one anywhere to ever be a parent or a grandparent. They are the moral equivalent of the "gas ovens " of Nazi Germany that were really fake showers that rained down death in the form of a poisonous gas [Zyklon B] , and then the bodies of those gassed to death were cremated to hide the evidence of the gas in their blood. Read the book The Nazi Doctors by Robert J Lifton,MD.
  Also, as a good American, protest in every way possible the genocide, crime against humanity of abortion. Abortion kills an innocent baby but it also kills the aborting mother at times; and the marriage or relationship that produced the tiny human. Can there be any more severe rejection of a human man that rejecting, killing his sperm--his most precious of all gift? Why men want women who do that ultimate rejection of them on the most visceral level escapes my comprehension? If a man in an intimate relationship with me despised the most intimate parts of me, I would have nothing to do with him; and I'd eject him from my life with great speed.

 Abortion is also bad for the community because everyone knows. Regardless of how much propaganda those who kill pump into schools and universities there is that yuck factor, that turn up your nose in disgust factor when you find out a woman aborted her own baby. And also a fear forms. Because you know on some deep gut level if she'd kill without mercy a tiny defenseless baby, she'd kill you too given an opportunity.  Abortion is bad for the nation also. The U S is depopulating. Foolish white people swallowed the propaganda of Planned Parenthood hook,line and sinker in huge numbers across the nation. The last time I researched it [about 1993] I learned from medical statistics that then there were 60 MILLION women in US sterilized unwittingly. That meant that 1/2 of the U S population of women were sterile--unable to conceive children [ Calculated  as then population was about 250 mllion, half of those were women= 125 million were women. Of those 125 million, half of those, 60 million were incapable of having babies from abortion, long-term use of contraceptives, hysterectomies].  What happens when a nation depopulates? Other nations take it over. think about Greece--how unimportant it is on world's stage.  They have no power, no Navy, no meaningful way of producing anything but ouzo to tourists.

Rethink every thing you do. Keep always in your mind the slogan SAVE THE BABY HUMANS! Please weigh in on the PROLIFE cause. Make your voices heard everywhere. The tide in the U S has turned. 52% of the U S population says abortion should not be legal in most circumstances.

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 Thank you for reading this. Gloria Poole,RN & artist in all artist's mediums; @ my apt in Missouri; 11:10am; 27-Jan-2013

* footnote:  [amniotic sac in womb, filled with salinated water]

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