Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thanks to Sen Rand Paul of Kentucky for prolife petition

Many thanks to Kentucky's Senator Rand Paul for the #prolife petition he mailed to prolifers in December,. He is definitely a FRIEND to the preborn. I think Sen Paul Rand should be the next President of the U S. What say ye republicans? Get him nominated! It's a win-win for the U.S., for tiny humans for the human race, and for the blessings of GOD to turn away from the sin of premeditated slaughter of innocents, and to the right ways of GOD, as written in Exodus 20:13, Matthew 18:14; Jeremiah 1:5; Psalms 113:9; Genesis (:6; Deuteronomy 30:19-20; John 10:10; Proverbs 31: 8-9, in King James Holy Bible.  Update on 15-Jan-2014: My apology to @SenRandPaul for reversing his name. I know his name but for some reason, I reverse it when writing it, and I think that might be because I read the apostle Paul in Bible [and all scripture, especially words of JESUS] and that seems to be programmed in my mind or something. I didn't intentionally reverse it, and discovered it today when verifying blog. Also, I urge all #prolife citizens to pray for a prolife President next go round [next federal election]. 

From the prolife news letters sent to my inboxes today 11-Jan-2014; Belgium is considering legalizing euthanasia for children at the age of 12 to decide for themselves and to allow it for those with eating disorders: it's insanity of Belgium. Read entire article and pray to defeat that evil of the premeditated killing of children up to age of 12:;; about March for Life  in Washington DC; with quote: "The annual March for Life Rally is from noon-1pm on January 22, 2014
and as customary, will be on the National Mall. We are planning an exciting line-up of speakers.  We will also have a warm up event/concert in the hour leading up to the Rally.  More information will be provided as we get closer to the event.

The March will begin immediately after the Rally and follow its route up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court Building on Capitol Hill."; with quote: "National Right to Life sponsors a Pro-Life Essay Contest for students in grades 7-12.

For 2014 the essay should address the question, “Why I Am Pro-life.” The deadline for submission is January 22."

Prolife movie entitled, "Gimme shelter":

Write-up about prolife celebrities :

And also in on the Feb 5th blog entry, so scroll archives to find it.
And about how my name of G-L-O-R-I-A and as Gloria is being used is very surprising:

About "the Gloria Center":
The Global Research in International Affairs (GLORIA) Center
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In a  movie  about "Gloria" by Sebastian Lelio:,0,5287508.story! . I have not seen this movie, but probably will.

Also, remember that this Gloria Poole is alive and living in Missouri. I Gloria Poole am known by my signature on oil paintings as Gloria signed in script by me in paints, inks, pencils, and also by my legal, born with name of Gloria Poole on some sketches; and on the web as: gloriapoole; gloria0817; gloria.poole; gloria-poole; gloria_poole; gloriapoole1749; gpoole817; gloriapoole.RN; Gloria Poole, RN; Gloria Poole; artist-gloriapoole; gloriapoole-paintings; G-L-O-R-I-A ; gloriapooleRN at yahoo; and other variations of my real, born with name of Gloria Poole that is my legal name again, since I resumed it after both divorces by Court orders.  Also, for the record, I have only one residence and it is in Missouri, though I own some land in Georgia, where I was born. I am a U S citizen by birth with First Amendment liberties and all Constitutional protections. I am also a white, Christian, single, woman, and the natural biological mother of two daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh. but I have no sons. I do however have minor grandchildren from my daughters with their husbands. I am also a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri and an artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, inks, powdered pastels, goauche, tempera; and I post some of the art I create to blogs owned by me and created by me.  I am republican and prolife always.

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