Tuesday, July 1, 2014

SCOTUS is helping save the baby humans by empowering Schindlers

Wahoo! Two good decisions happened in this past week at the U S Supreme Court . First the U S Supreme Court ruled that the so-called "buffer zone" [designed to prevent the speech  and brochures of prolifers trying to persuade women not to abort] , was unconstitutional. And then yesterday, Supreme Court ruled that Obama and his ilk cannot force small family owned businesses to violate their religious principles. Here are some quotes on that:
1) From :
"United States Supreme Court’s “Hobby Lobby” holding that the contraceptive mandate, as applied to closely held corporations, is unlawful. The five-four decision, written by Justice Samuel Alito, sided with family-run businesses that regard some forms of contraception, especially those that can cause abortions, as immoral.

A battle has been won in the defense of the First Amendment right to religious freedom.  The Obama administration has been waging war on several fronts against the Christian Church.  This Obama assault, through Obamacare, was without modern precedent.  Judicial Watch today applauds the high court’s decision to repel the administration’s overreach, which would have had Americans violate their consciences or lose their livelihoods." ...
And "The brief also reminds the Court of James Madison’s words in the Federalist Papers:  “an elective despotism was not the government we fought for."
Also, that liberty of speech for prolifers too spark has caught fire in the UK . Oxford University there voted down a ban on prolife organizations and speech:

"From :, with quote: "In order to understand what pro-lifers on college campuses are up against, I recommend reading this piece by Oxford student Dan Hitchens, “Pro-lifers: the student censor’s favourite target.” And : "“If you want some first-hand experience of the contemporary free-speech debate, I recommend joining a student pro-life society,” Hitchens writes. “Last month, Oxford Students for Life, of which I am president, discovered the following clause was being put forward at the Oxford University students’ union: ‘Never to [provide a] platform [to] any group or organisation which provides directional advice around abortion or explicitly stands against women’s right to choose."
But  more on that same subject at Oxford University  in England with photos:;
"Luckily, thanks to Oxford Students For Life’s relentless activism, the clause that threatened to ban pro-life speech at Oxford was defeated, 27 votes to 24. Hitchens says that free speech supporters helped vote it down,.."
#savethebabyhumans is THE civil rights issue of THIS generation. Let go of the black civil rights movement of the 60's and jump feet first into the battle of civil liberties for all humans conceived in the womb to be guaranteed the right to be born alive.  Demand that the 14th Amendment  of the U S Constitution be amended to also include those humans in the stage of development in the womb! Demand that all humans defined as having human DNA and human cells and human parents be afforded the "full faith and protection" of the U S Constitution. Join the #personhood amendment battle--get a Constitutional Convention called by #Congress, to pass a public law extending the 14th Amendment to all humans in the womb. That is the goal ! There is no  other solution to ending the horrors of abortion but granting legal personhood to those humans in the womb.  Half-way measures are tearing the U S apart.
 Just as the "Missouri Compromise" [read U S history] was only the beginning of the nation's realization that the U S would never be one nation indivisible  with some states allowing slavery and some states not allowing it, so the "fetal pain" bills to prevent slaughter of tiny humans at certain gestational ages, isn't either. True, those measures save some babies and prolifers want to save as many babies as possible. But it's similar to a "Missouri Compromise" of allowing some babies to be killed while protecting other babies. It won't work in the long run.
 JESUS said, " even so, it is not the will of your FATHER [GOD] which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14, KJV. "And JESUS knew their thoughts and said unto them, 'every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. " Matthew 12: 25, KJV.
 Be a Schindler. Save the baby humans from premeditated destruction. Do something to make a difference. There are dozens of ways any one can get actively involved in changing the laws of any nation so that tiny innocent humans in the womb are protected by governments.
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