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Prolife activists WIN, posted by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of/in Missouri

Prolife news 7 April 2017; Let me begin this post by telling world that a criminal ID thief tried to hijack this account of mine today, but after FIVE steps to retrieve it, I, Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse/artist/illustrator/cartoonist/writer/photographer/Christian/white/twice-divorced woman/mother got back into this account of mine [since ALL telephones on this account are my personal phones and located in Missouri, and I have other telephones also which are also in Missouri] and changed some of the settings to re-secure it. There is much good news for baby humans in the news today and I have gathered some of it to share w/ world. I am listing them as snippets and numbering them for ease of reference. The criminal ID thieves who have tried to hijack much of the art, words and blogs I created and put on the web are going to prison in GOD's time and way because GOD is just.

1) Neil Gorsuch who said the taking of human life is always wrong was confirmed today to the US Supreme Court by the US Senate. It's in the news everywhere since lunch today. The Senate changed the rules so a simple majority is required to confirm any appointment of the President thus breaking the stranglehold of the evil democrats.

2) Nebraska has "choose life' DMV plate now : with quote : "He liked the bill so much, he signed it more than once.

Gov. Pete Ricketts endorsed several copies of a bill authorizing "Choose Life" license plates in Nebraska on Wednesday, distributing them to anti-abortion activists and elected officials during a ceremony at the Capitol.

"For pro-life Nebraskans, this is a big day," Ricketts said."

And another article on same topic w/ podcast of Gov Ricketts :;

3) "Florida taxpayers could soon fund anti-abortion pregnancy centers thanks to a bill that has passed the Republican-led House."

4)"AUSTIN (AP) – The Texas House has voted to take $20 million from the state’s environmental agency and funnel it toward an “Alternative to Abortion” program that counsels low-income, pregnant women.";

5) "Today’s life-and-death fight against abortion is part of the final, apocalyptic battle between God and Satan, according to senior Vatican Cardinal Robert Sarah. In a recent address in France, Cardinal Sarah said that the “bitter and decisive” battle against abortion resembles the struggle described in the last book of the Bible, the Apocalypse, and will determine “the survival of humanity itself. ";

6) Life doesn't always go according to plan : ""In a world where abortion is celebrated, one company is rebelling with a powerful message — a message that Americans can overcome their circumstances to champion life," journalist Katie Yoder wrote in Media Research Center's NewsBusters."; Principal Financial Group video "graduation" is great prolife!

7) "Non-governmental organisations in India have been asked to self-declare that they do not perform abortions or provide abortion services while submitting proposals to the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). USAID is the body responsible for administering civilian foreign aid given by the US government. In January, soon after he came to power, US president Donald Trump had reinstated the contentious global gag rule that stops all federal funding to international NGOs that perform abortions, provide information on abortions, or advocate for a change in US abortion laws. Such organisations would become ineligible for US funds even for projects that are unrelated to abortions. In March, USAID revised its policy to restrict funding as per the gag rule." ";

+ 8) About Prolife Police officer Chuck Wexler, "“The essence of policing is the preservation of life,” Chuck Wexler, executive director of the Police Executive Research Forum in Washington, D.C., told CNA. “That's why we exist; life is very precious, and we have to remind ourselves of that.” This ethic of protecting human life extends even to the use of force in responding to incidents, Wexler argued:" .; + 9) "I don't support the harassment or intimidation of anybody but I do believe in standing up for the rights of the unborn."

"I am proud to be pro-life and I have absolutely no regrets about how I voted." SDLP {Belfast ireland] City Council member Declan Boyle;; + 10) "Conservative lawmakers succeeded in funneling millions of dollars from the state’s environmental agency into the anti-choice Alternatives to Abortion program (A2A), which oversees taxpayer funded, anti-choice crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), during a marathon House budget debate."

+ 11) "It was a short footnote to the state Department of Higher Education appropriations nestled deep in the sprawling 600-plus page $26.8 billion state budget proposal — but it made a splash, just as sponsor Rep. Dave Williams, a freshman Colorado Springs Republican, surely knew it would. “Amendment 40” would have stripped funds from Colorado public universities that “engage in sale, purchase, trafficking, or trading in aborted baby body parts.” “It’s a simple suggestion footnote,” said Williams at the front of the chamber. “We should not be funding with taxpayer dollars universities that are trafficking in aborted baby body parts. What we do here today matters. This is evil. “We have to stand up against abortionists who want to make a profit,” he said. “We will be judged in this life and the next.” {The amendment was ruled "out of order' ].;

12) "Maybe now unborn will have fighting chance


APR 6, 2017

By Charles Edgar

Charles Town:

Maybe now they’ll have a fighting chance! The latest “pro-life” good news is that Planned Parenthood has been defunded. Hopefully, that’s true! It is unimaginable that such an organization has murdered, cut up, placed in plastic bags or flushed down toilets, little precious babies…even sold their God created organs, to say nothing of the life-time agony and sickness caused to their misled mothers. You and I, the taxpayer, have been paying directly or indirectly, for this procedure, sent directly from hell, every time we paid our taxes. Fortunately, after the Planned Parenthood baby body parts scandal, the 100-year baby killing organization will be put out of business; or, at least suffer serious setbacks. "; 7 April 2017;

+ 13) "HELENA – An anti-abortion bill that would require doctors to do all they can to save potentially viable fetuses is a step closer to Gov. Steve Bullock’s desk, after the Montana House on Wednesday advanced the measure that would ban abortions if there is a better-than-half probability a fetus would survive outside a mother’s womb.

The Senate has already passed a similar measure, one of three anti-abortion bills moving through this legislative session....The measure sponsored by Republican Sen. Albert Olszewski, an orthopedic surgeon, would require physicians to determine if a fetus has a 50 percent or better probability of surviving.

If so, they would need to take the necessary steps, including the use of incubators or other live-saving medical equipment, to attempt to save the life of the baby. Doctors could face criminal charges if they don’t.

Montana already outlaws late-term abortions unless the life of the woman is at risk – but the proposal would further restrict abortion rights legalized by the landmark 1973 U.S Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade.

Olszewski’s proposal initially defined “viability” to mean fetuses that have spent at least 24 weeks in a woman’s womb. ";

+ 14) "On annual Pro-life Legislative Day, pro-life advocates promote pro-life laws at the Ohio Statehouse

Ohio State Rep. Scott Wiggam

It’s hard to believe, but over the last six years, 18 pro-life laws have been enacted in the state of Ohio. In that same time, half of Ohio’s abortion facilities have closed or curtailed their services, and abortions have plummeted 25 percent!

The Buckeye State has undoubtedly been blessed. With a pro-life legislature and Governor, we have put ourselves on the pro-life map, and the nation is watching.";;

+ 15) "According to new reports, pro-life Vice President Mike Pence is working around the clock to ensure abortion business Planned Parenthood is defunded. He is working to prepare a bill for a House floor vote that can be pushed through by Republicans, reports LifeNews. ...National Right to Life told LifeNews: “We are supporting H.R. 1628 because it: 1) prevents credits from being used for plans that pay for abortions, 2) eliminates about 85% of federal PP funding for the next year, 3) preserves non-taxed employer provided health plans and 4) postpones the “Cadillac tax” until 2026.”;

+ 16) "The lives of more than 13,000 unborn babies have been saved as a result of coordinated prayer campaigns and peaceful activism worldwide." Read more at

+ 17) "Pro-Life Attorney Named Director of Office of Refugee Resettlement

by JASON DZUBOW on APRIL 6, 2017

E. Scott Lloyd has been named Director of the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the office at the Department of Health and Human Services tasked with assisting refugees resettle in the United States. Mr. Lloyd’s background includes government service, work in the private sector, and a strong devotion to conservative Christian causes."

18) "That goes to show you that having a pro-life president, vice president and majorities in Congress makes a difference when it comes to protecting preborn life.

I applaud pro-life members of Congress and the Trump Administration for moving the country back to a more pro-life position through these two policy changes. The bottom line is our tax dollars should not be given to any organization – either foreign or domestic – that promotes, refers, or provides abortions, period.";

+ 19) Prolife lawsuits filed in California to stop the e of civil liberties of Prolife citizens : "Pacific Justice Institute represents two pregnancy clinics, one each in Northern and Southern California. The clinics contend that forcing them to convey a government message that is reprehensible to their beliefs is an egregious violation of the First Amendment. PJI is filing its brief, known as a Petition for Writ of Certiorari, with the Supreme Court. "; +++++++++++++++++++++++++++{} The against human life and first amendment news:

+ -anti-life & against 1st amendment : Texas State Univ destroying pro-life sings :;

- ;


[end the anti-life paragraph above] and continue.


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