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Universities buying aborted babies for bad research ; prolife conventions & news, written by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri

As always, these news snippets are compiled by me Gloria Poole, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri, to promote the prolife/personhood cause around the world. I glean the news from newsletters, emails, alerts etc sent to my inbox(es). I am numbering for ease of reference.

1) Quote Frank Guinta: " I don't vote for pro-life legislation for awards or accolades. As a father and a husband, I vote to protect innocent lives, promote strong families, and encourage charity to the defenseless," said Guinta ".... NH1 News was first to report that the National Right to Life Committee backed Guinta, the two-term U.S. representative in New Hampshire’s 1st Congressional District. The group praised Guinta in a letter to the congressman for his “perfect 100 percent pro-life voting record throughout your years of service in Congress.”

“New Hampshire voters can trust pro-life Congressman Frank Guinta to protect the lives of all vulnerable citizens: unborn children, the elderly and those who are disabled,” said Karen Cross, political director for the National Right to Life, in a statement."

2) “We’re going to appoint great Supreme Court justices. And these will be Supreme Court justices that will be great intellects, that will be talented men in what they do (and women), but also be pro-life.” donald Trump “I’m putting pro-life judges on. … The justices that I’ve put on, and you can look at their names and we have them posted, but the justices, I have gotten tremendous, rave reviews from the people that we’ve picked. Eleven, we’ve picked 11 so far." Donald Trump

3) "There has been a nearly 20 percent decline in the number of abortions performed in Indiana between 2010 and 2014, and abortion foes say laws adopted by the Republican-dominated General Assembly have been a factor, especially the one requiring that pregnant women be given an opportunity to view an ultrasound image and hear the fetal heartbeat before an abortion."

4) ..."a human embryo has a beating heart 21 days after conception and measurable brain waves about 45 days after conception. By 42 days the skeleton is formed and the brain is controlling the movement of muscles and organs. All that happens before the unborn human being is even classified as a fetus. At varying times between the fifth and 12th week after conception, the preborn baby will be able to suck his thumb, smile, squint, kick, roll over, make a fist, curl his toes, and grasp an object placed in the palm."

5) "Texas Alliance for Life, which was heavily involved in HB 2, released a statement saying, "While dismissed by abortion providers in Texas as unnecessary, the state’s safety inspection reports of several abortion facilities run by the lead plaintiff, Whole Woman’s Health, show numerous serious violations of current law that endanger the health and safety of tens of thousands every year, including the repeated failure to properly sterilize surgical instruments used from woman to woman.....abortion remains dangerous. One study published in Obstetrics and Gynecology found the complication rate is five percent for surgical abortions and 20 percent for medical RU-486 abortions, even when performed in hospitals.""

6) "Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said there are thousands of children alive because of the law’s positive impact. Calling the abortion rate drop "great news," Patrick commented, "That's twenty more thousand children who are alive today, and this Supreme Court wants to turn that back?"

"If a result of my sonogram bill passing in 2011, and HB 2 passing in 2013, which protected woman's health and safety, resulted in the saving of thousands of innocent babies, then that is something everyone should celebrate." He then reiterated, "Today, there are thousands of 2- and 3-year-olds, smiling and laughing and enjoying life because of these two bills."

7) Nurses administering anesthesia without credentials: "A Houston abortion clinic has violated state health regulations, according to a state report released by an anti-abortion activist. The documents from the Texas Department of State Health Services say that the Houston Women's Clinic doesn't have specific requirements that nurses be trained to administer moderate sedation, citing two nurses who "failed to reveal documentation of demonstrated competency."

8) "Abortion is not a medical practice. Abortion mills are not medical facilities. They are temples dedicated to child-sacrifice, the murder cultists’ sacred rite. In his dissenting opinion, Justice Samuel Alito decried the majority’s “patent refusal to apply well-established law in a neutral way.”

9) "Ocala Women's Center" is closed because : "In October, Pendergraft was arrested in South Carolina on multiple drug-possession charges. Soon afterward, the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) filed an administrative complaint against Pendergraft’s four Florida abortion clinics, including the Ocala Women’s Center, saying the regulatory agency was pulling their licenses.

“This is an administrative action to revoke the respondent’s licenses to operate a clinical laboratory and an abortion clinic,” the complaint said.

ACHA said in a follow-up case report that the intent to revoke the licenses was “based upon the arrest for disqualifying offenses of the (clinics’) owner.”

10) Justice Clarence Thomas & Samuel Alito did not agree w/ #SCOTUS decision requiring back alley abortions: "Not all U.S. Supreme Court justices agreed, however; the vote came down 5-3. In his dissent, Justice Clarence Thomas criticized the court.

"If our recent cases illustrate anything, it is how easily the Court tinkers with levels of scrutiny to achieve its desired result," he wrote."

11) And another article on that :Samuel Alito on SCOTUS decision about Tx abortuaries: "Alito, reading a summary of his dissent in court, said the clinics should have lost on technical, procedural grounds. Seeming to tap the bench in emphasis, Alito criticized his more liberal colleagues for bending procedural rules that he says should have foreclosed the clinics' Supreme Court case.

12) Society for the Protection of Unborn children [SPUC] Conference info : 23-25 Sept 2016 at Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire, UK; for more information: call (+) [uk code] 02070917091 or email: katherinehampton [at]

13) "Undisputed science, from a host of sources, states that life begins at conception.

It is also important to note the quickness at which a child develops. Substantial development takes place even within the first 12 weeks. First trimester fetal developmental milestones pulled from Mayo Clinic include: fertilization and implantation (process begins approximately two weeks from last menstrual period); formation of a new single identity; placenta begins to form. At week three, the brain, spinal cord, and other organs begin to form. By week four facial features begin to appear and the baby’s heart pumps blood. By week nine genitals develop.

The start of life is an undisputed fact and is an effective and just measure from which to shape policy."

14) "On Friday, July 8, the Pro-Life Action League will kick off our 17th annual “Face the Truth” Tour across northeastern Illinois.

This powerful campaign brings the victims of abortion to the public square so people can come face to face with the brutal reality of abortion.

We’ll be visiting three sites a day from July 8-16, so join us on the streets if you can! Here’s the full Tour schedule: [see list of places at:}

15) "Vans Warped Tour is a mainstream, secular event that draws thousands of young people at every stop, sometimes over 10,000! They allow us to set up a tent to promote the Human Rights for All and Adoption Saves Lives message. Alissa met Bernard (one of our warped tour team members) and they tackled the question “when do human rights begin?” Alissa initially believed that human rights began once brain waves are detectable. After a discussion with our team Alyssa eventually changed her answer to when the baby starts forming, which is day 1!" ..." So if you are passionate about being pro-life and ready to take up a vital part in these stories contact us at and we will get you involved. Whether it’s just for one warped tour event or one summer festival, prayer, financial support, or even coming on to tour with us we’d love your help this summer!

For Life, Caleb Worrell RFL Programs Coordinator" See more :

16) "this crusade isn’t over. The ruling from the high court won’t deter the very substantial pro-life movement in this country. It won’t stop the marches for life that take place in cities across the country, including Charlotte, and it will probably enliven what is always Washington, D.C.’s largest annual demonstration, the March for Life....We are Pro-Life Americans. There are millions of us. We can be found in thousands of churches engaged in the always-triumphal act of prayer. Hundreds of thousands of us can be found in marches, picket lines and voting booths advocating for the innocent and for common sense among judges who misunderstand the fundamental right to life. The Supreme Court has been wrong before; think of the Dred Scott decision that gave a green light to slavery and made the Civil War inevitable. The justices are on the wrong side of life.

We are not going to go away. Our prayers, our marches, our advocacy and our votes will cascade like a flowing stream that will inevitably wear down the marble stones that make up the columns that prop up the Supreme Court.

Keep the faith." Read more here:"

17) "The laws Governor Bentley signed last month will have similar effects, forcing clinics to relocate or close down ...One of these new laws bans the use of dilation and evacuation procedures, a safe and medically proven abortion method. The second law prevents clinics from operating within 2,000 feet of a school. This law would force the closure of two of Alabama’s clinics, those in Huntsville and Tuscaloosa, which account for 72 percent of abortion procedures in the state."

18) Documentary on Dr Lejeune : "A new movie, Jérôme Lejeune: To the Least of These My Brothers and Sisters (a reference to Christ’s words, "Whatever you do to the least of my brethren…") highlights the courageous defense of life that was at the center of Dr. Lejeune's scientific work. The documentary film was created for the 20th anniversary of Lejeune's death. In it we see that for Lejeune, truth was far more important than prestige; the sanctity of life more compelling than that the applause of the Nobel Prize folks....He knew this when he spoke: “For thousands of years, medicine has striven to fight for life and health against disease and death. Any reversal of this order would entirely change medicine itself.” His meteoric rise was curtailed by his defense of the dignity of the unborn child." Read more:

19) "Vox Vitae: Be a Voice for Life, will come to Alhambra from Aug. 1 to Aug. 5 to host a Catholic pro-life youth day camp and an adult evening camp. St. Therese Church and St. Joseph Retreat Center are sponsors of the events. The camp leaders aim to educate, inspire and spiritually nurture youth and adults in order to defend the right to life from conception to natural death. Topics discussed will include citizenship, chastity, contraception, abortion and Catholic doctrine....For more information about the camp, please visit" Read more:

20) "Why you should care: Abortion is a hot topic across the country and could be a major issue in the presidential election. Whoever wins the election may have an opportunity to lead a charge to make abortions more difficult to obtain or make them easier. ■ For more information: Log on to our website,, and enter the words “ Texas abortion law” in the search box."

21)"Historically Catholic Poland already has very pro-life laws, but is now looking at restricting abortion only to cases where the mother’s life is at risk, a circumstance that would not criminalize the actions of doctors who, in the course of saving the mother’s life, lose the life of the child."


1) Democratic Party Platform is against human life : "The draft, which will be voted on later this month at the party’s convention in Philadelphia, echoes calls from presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton to overturn the so-called Hyde Amendment. The rule, first introduced in 1976 by Republican Congressman Henry Hyde, a Catholic, bars Medicaid from funding most abortions." 2) "A Spanish-language radio ad from a controversial political group accuses Russ Feingold of not wanting Hispanic babies to be born, in an effort to persuade Latino voters to support Republican Sen. Ron Johnson in November. "I have a question for Feingold. Why should you have my vote if you don’t want our babies?" a woman asks in an ad airing on Spanish-language and gospel radio stations in the Milwaukee and Racine markets. The ad opens with a man asking whether it matters to Feingold that "Hispanic babies are twice as likely to be aborted as white babies." {Note; this is probably why SCOTUS ruled against Texas, because they want to squelch hispanic population]. 3) Indiana Univ buys human flesh and blood of aborted babies: " Indiana University has filed a separate federal lawsuit challenging a section of the new law making it a crime to sell or acquire fetal issue. The school argues the provision would illegally interfere with work by its scientists, such as Alzheimer’s disease research using cell cultures derived from fetal tissue."

4) St Louis abortuary is selling baby parts obviously since the entire body of a 2nd trimester aborted baby vanished; and manipulating the stats of complications : "Republican members of the Senate reviewed the same surgical pathology reports as Koster, a state Senate official confirmed. Of the 300 reports of abortions in June 2015, four reports marked "no fetal parts identified," though the pregnancy had been in its second trimester. "Did Dr. Miller accurately report what he found? ... Or was Dr. Miller so sloppy he just lost the tissue?" asked Sen. Bob Onder, R-Lake St. Louis. "Or was this tissue being diverted into the illicit fetal tissue sale industry?" Senate members also took issue with Planned Parenthood directing its patients who were passing blood clots to call the clinic first instead of an ambulance. " 5) Univ of New Mexico buys aborted babies to chop up: "Univ of New Mexico buys fetal bodies for 'research : "Republicans on the House committee that is investigating the fetal body parts harvesting industry are accusing a late-term abortion business and the University of New Mexico (UNM) of breaking federal law. In a letter released on June 23, Select Investigative Panel on Infant Lives Chairwoman Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., accused the university of violating a federal statute preventing “valuable consideration” for the donation of unborn baby parts. Likewise, wrote Blackburn, the university violated a state law regulating the use of body parts for research. UNM has a long-standing relationship with late-term abortionist Dr. Curtis Boyd and his Southwest Women’s Options abortion facility to procure body parts. The center engages in abortions in all stages of pregnancy,"

[End section of enemies of human life]. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


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