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Prolife News part 2 of so much to tell, posted by me Gloria Poole,RN,artist of Missouri

This is recent prolife news part 2 and earlier today I, Gloria Poole,RN, posted the first part of the effort to keep world abreast of prolife events on :, this morning. I am numbering these for ease of references. I especially love the news in point #10. Also, I separated the anti-life news so it is clear but prolife activists must know the enemy.

: 1) "The Republican platform has a provision that the right of the unborn child shall not be infringed – and it makes no exceptions for rape, for incest, for the life of the mother".

2) TOMORROW prolife votes in Minnesota: : "On Thursday, two crucial pro-life measures are expected to receive floor votes in the House and Senate as amendments to larger bills.

Licensing and inspection of abortion facilities: H.F. 606 / S.F. 616, authored by Rep. Debra Kiel, R-Crookston, and Sen. Michelle Fischbach, R-Paynesville, would require abortion facilities performing 10 or more abortions per month to be licensed by the state and would also permit inspections by the Minnesota Department of Health. Abortion facilities so far have been exempted from state licensure of outpatient surgical centers.

Ban on taxpayer funded abortions: H.F. 607 / S.F. 683, authored by Rep. Tama Theis, R-St. Cloud, and Sen. Lyle Koenen, D-Clara City, would prohibit taxpayer funding of abortion. Minnesota taxpayers paid $953,000 to the abortion industry for 3,957 abortions in 2014 — a record-breaking 39% of all abortions performed in the state that year. You can support passage of these protective measures by contacting your state senator and representative and urging them to vote in favor of these amendments to the HHS omnibus bills in the House and Senate. Find your legislators’ contact information and send an email message or call their offices.

Lawmakers are most likely to vote on these protective measures on Thursday, Apr. 28, but votes could occur sooner. Contact your elected officials today and help make this a lifesaving session!"

3) "Society for Protection Unborn Children [SPUC] , Northern Ireland: "Statistically an unborn baby in Northern Ireland is safer than anywhere else in the UK. SPUC's success, in union with our sister pro-life groups in Northern Ireland, in preventing the extension of the Abortion Act has meant that the law in Northern Ireland still provides a safeguard for the lives of unborn children as well as protecting women from the terrible damage which abortion can cause."

SPUC requests: "If you do not live in Northern Ireland and if you know no-one there - please play your part by praying every day in the run-up to next week's election, in nine days, on 5th May. If you do live in Northern Ireland or know people there - please contact Liam Gibson at to find out what you can - and pray, of course, especially during the next 9 days.

4)Every day stresses affect men's sperm which affects inferility rates. ; 27 April 2016

5) "The people of Northern Ireland will vote for new Assembly members on May 5, in an election that pro-life leaders regard as critically important for preserving the laws against abortion. The Abortion Act does not currently apply to Northern Ireland. " Requests by LifeSite News: Please encourage your friends and families to vote only for candidates committed to protecting ALL unborn children, regardless of their disabilities or circumstances of conception.

If you cannot find a candidate you wish to vote for, then mark your ballot with a pro-life slogan, such as ‘Pro-Life Republican’ or ‘Pro-Life Alliance.’ Candidates will be shown spoilt ballots and will see the message

Please ask for prayers at your church for the safe delivery of all unborn babies, especially those in danger of abortion."

6) "Citing assaults on life such as “murder, war, abortion, suicide, euthanasia,” and “the prospect of medicalized death from those whose profession exists to sustain life,” Wuerl urged the students to defend life no matter the difficulties they will face doing so.

“At a time when many in society tend to judge a person’s worth on an obscure and subjective ‘quality of life’ scale, we are convinced that human dignity is not based on productivity or usefulness, and dignity is not destroyed during times of hardship or even great suffering,” Wuerl said. “Life is something we cherish and embrace.”

Wuerl told students to “not be deceived by the politically correct rhetoric that uses words to hide true meaning. Those that favor killing the unborn child often speak of, ‘the products of conception,’ as opposed to ‘the child in the womb.’ They speak about ‘facilitating the conclusion of the life cycle’ instead of ‘assisting a suicide.’ So it is with that buzzword choice. When you use the word ‘choice’ you have to complete the sentence. What are you choosing?”

“The word ‘choice’ is a smokescreen behind which those killing unborn children take refuge. Every chance you get, blow that smoke away,” Wuerl said."

7) "Bishop Thomas J. Tobin [of Providence, Rhode Island] encouraged faithful Catholics to vote pro-life in Rhode Island’s primary election on Tuesday and “never to vote for any candidate, of any party, who supports abortion.....Last week, Tobin also posted on Facebook that abortion giant Planned Parenthood is “the most dangerous place in our nation.”

“So many innocent lives are lost there every year; so many moms are harmed personally and spiritually when they enter that building,” Tobin’s post, which featured photos from his recent visit to a pro-life vigil site outside a Planned Parenthood abortion facility, said.”

8) Oklahoma is creating strong prolife laws: "Oklahoma's Republican-dominated legislature approved the pro-life bill on Thursday after garnering a 59-to-9 vote. The bill, authored by Republican Senator Nathan Dahm, is now on the desk of Governor Mary Fallin waiting to be signed.... Under the said Oklahoma pro-life bill, the medical licenses of doctors, who are found guilty of performing abortions, will be revoked. Aside from revoking medical licenses, doctors who commit the so-called "unprofessional conduct" will also be barred from acquiring or renewing their medical licenses.

The bill, however, would exempt doctors who perform abortion in favor of a mother's life. "This is our proper function, to protect life," Dahm said. Supporters of the Oklahoma pro-life bill echoed Dahm's statement, saying that the proposed legislation would protect the sanctity of life against abortion."...A 2015 report of Americans United For Life showed that Oklahoma is the most pro-life state in the United States. "

9) " The SDLP Candidate for East Antrim [Northern Ireland] has responded to a leaflet distributed by pro-life group, Precious Life." with these words :

Yes, in all circumstances I will protect the life of every child and will not make an exception even if the child is deemed to be disabled.

Read more:

10) " Oklahoma is on the verge of sparking a restoration of the Constitution in this country. If our elected leadership has the courage, that is.

For the umpteenth time since Republicans have taken control of the state, the legislature is about to pass another pro-life bill which the governor will almost assuredly signed into law....SB-1552 by Sen. Nathan Dahm, which passed the House Thursday by a 59-9 vote, would revoke the medical license of any doctor who performs an abortion within Oklahoma (except to save the life of the mother). The federal government does not issue medical licenses, states do.

So the federal government and hence federal courts, has no legitimate jurisdiction here....Our leaders have a unique chance to add another square to the game board and firmly tell the federal government, this game is NOT over.

We have the Constitutional authority to say “no” to a federal government that has clearly overstepped its limited boundaries. “No.” It’s just one word. “No.”

“No,” we will not accept the federal government dictating the terms of our state licensing.

“No,” we will not pretend the Bill of Rights doesn’t really mean what it says.

“No,” our Founding Fathers did not create a system where five nonelected attorneys rule over 320 million people." [AMEN, to this wonderful idea!]

11) About Campaign Life Coalition of Manitoba, Canada: "Jack Fonseca of CLC Canada released the following statement for pro-life Manitoba voters,...

“We urge Manitobans to put the rights of preborn children on the ballot, by voting for a pro-life candidate, wherever possible. If there is no identified pro-life candidate in your riding, it’s not too late to call up those who haven’t yet answered CLC’s questionnaire, or to ask when they knock on your door, where they stand on the right to life of unborn persons, on the killing of patients by doctors, and also on pro-family issues like parental rights in education vis-à-vis the radical sex-education programs that seem to be working their way across the country.”..."If you have any questions about candidates, or additional information about individual candidates that you want to share with us, please contact CLC National Headquarters at 1-800-730-5358 ext. 222" . &

12) You can read more and find list medical references, and facts about preborn, and human development on these other blogs of mine, and each is different because I create them one by one:


This section next is the anti-life news but porlife activits must know the enemy in order to push back against evil:


1) A vote for Judge Merrick Garland is a vote against the lives of the unborn"

2) "The Supreme Court of Canada has given Parliament until June 6 to pass legislation on euthanasia and assisted suicide, otherwise the court decision that struck down the Criminal Code provisions against assisted suicide as unconstitutional will come into effect, leaving a legal vacuum. “It is important that legislation is passed,” said Conservative MP Michael Cooper, who co-chaired the recent special-joint Parliamentary Committee on Assisted Dying. He and the other two Conservative MPs on the Committee issued a dissenting report that he is pleased influenced the drafting of Bill C- 14....Conservative MP Garnett Genuis said Bill C-14 has left him “gravely concerned.”

“This legislation does not protect the conscience rights of health-care practitioners,” he said. “The trumpeted ‘safeguards’ are highly subjective and do not provide the necessary certainty that the vulnerable will be protected, and there is no mechanism in this legislation for advance legal review.

“The absence of conscience protection will have a significant negative impact on the medical profession. The absence of objective safeguards or advance legal review makes the so-called ‘safeguards’ in this legislation a matter of mere smoke and mirrors.”

Cooper said one of the main safeguards in the legislation is limiting euthanasia and assisted suicide to physical illnesses. But a lack of a referral to a psychiatrist to determine whether there are underlying mental illness issues limiting capacity and consent is a problem in the bill.

“It is also concerning that nurse practitioners can make the decision alone, without the involvement of physicians, as to whether a patient meets the criteria for physician-assisted death,” he said. “That is particularly concerning in the context of persons with underlying mental health challenges.”."

3) In the last six months alone the attacks on the rights of unborn babies have been on an unprecedented level:

30 November 2015, the Human Rights Commission convinced the High Court that our laws violate the European Convention on Human Rights

10 February 2016 pro-abortion MLAs (Sinn Fein, Alliance and some Ulster Unionists) attempted to introduce legislation which would have led to widespread abortion

in April 2016 abortion advocates used the case of a woman from south Belfast who aborted her baby with drugs she bought online to pressure public authorities into ignoring DIY abortions. ....

Next year sees the fiftieth anniversary of the passage of the (British) Abortion Act 1967. In that time at least 8,400,000 babies in Britain have been killed before they could be born."

4) Planned Parenthood is trying rig Tennesee election on Amendment 1: "In response, the state’s leading pro-life organization issued the following: “Tennessee Right to Life shares the view that the historic method of counting the votes and ratifying the results on Amendment 1 was followed in the exact way as every other amendment approved by the voters of our state,” said Brian Harris, president of the organization. “Having wasted millions of dollars trying to defeat Amendment 1 at the polls, Planned Parenthood is now asking the federal courts to do their dirty work and to steal the votes of hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans who voted yes on 1,” Harris said.

“That’s neither right nor fair and we remain confident that the will of the people will ultimately be upheld.”

5) Alabama squashed the prolife bill that would have outlawed abortion. " An Alabama "personhood" bill which would have effectively banned abortion in the state failed to make it to a vote Thursday in the House of Representatives.

After House Democrats mounted a filibuster, the House adjourned before getting to Republican Rep. Ed Henry's proposed constitutional amendment....Henry's bill sought to legally define a fetus as a person from the moment of fertilization. The bill's language, if approved by Alabama voters, would have effectively banned abortion.."



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