Monday, December 15, 2014

To save the baby humans pray, persevere, and give thanks to THE LORD

In every thing give thanks
"In every thing give thanks; for this is the will of GOD in christ JESUS concerning you, " I Thessalonians 5:18, KJV
I always pray for what each post on any blog I write, should be. This morning very early, I waked up and photographed some, then put it on hold for a while, while I did some research. I personally have promoted the prolife cause since 1991 and sometimes it is very hard not to be discouraged that the heinous crime against humanity and sin against GOD of abortion, continues. 
Then I remembered in the Old Testament when the battle was raging and the few chosen of GOD felt powerless to do anything against the enemy, that GOD sent definite instructions how to proceed. I am not going to tell you where in The Holy Bible those instructions were because I want you to read to find them. But to sum them up, it was when the people followed the instructions of THE LORD exactly, and blew their horns in triumph as they simply marched around the city [no fighting] the walls [defences] of the enemy fell flat and the victory was handed to the people of GOD by GOD. 

I read a quote that a prodeather said that their next goal is to make the #prolife people quote "unacceptable" to society. That has undertones of the Holocaust to me.  And so this post is my blow-back against that evil of prodeathers trying to label people  as evil who reject the idea that killing of innocents is a so-called right. The premeditated killing of innocents is ALWAYS A WRONG because GOD HIMSELF said so. It is written 'thou shalt not kill" in Exodus 20:13, King James Holy Bible. 

I am not grateful for the evil prodeathers. I am grateful that GOD caused the Holy Bible to be written that tells us humans how to react to every possible sin any human could think of. I am grateful that GOD promised that HE HIMSELF avenges innocent blood. I am grateful that GOD already knows the day and the hour that the heinous sin against GOD of abortion will end. I am grateful that I know THE LIVING LORD JESUS who revealed in the book of Revelation that murderers do not go to heaven. I am grateful that I have the ways and means to continue publishing the topics that GOD puts into my heart, and to continue creating art and photos to illustrate at times. I am grateful that JESUS loved me and recognized in me something HE could use to further the cause of saving the baby humans from premeditated mass murders. I am grateful for my life, that I have survived several deliberate assaults on my life. I am grateful that GOD is going to do something that will change the course of history in the U S, and be the beginning of the end of abortion as a so-called "right". I do not know what that will be, but I know it will be, because the Bible is very clear that GOD dos not forever tolerate the murder of innocents. And tiny human beings in their mothers' wombs are innocent, defenseless, totally dependent upon their mothers to survive. 

I intend to continue opposing abortion until it ends as a quote "right". I am praying that GOD raises up those whom HE wants to "fight" the battle the way HE tells them too; and that HE guarantees the victory. 
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