Monday, September 15, 2014

Missouri helps save the baby humans

I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist,  am a prolife Registered Nurse, licensed in Missouri but before that for most of my life, in the state of Georgia, and other states. I had a varied career and now I know why. Because in each position there was an element that did not have saving lives as the goal, and I was able  to see a trend that health care was more about killing in some places than about life-affirming  treatments and attitudes.  
This blog is to promote #savethebabyhumans and I selected that motto because the save the baby whales was so successful and now it is time to turn the focus on saving the human race from premeditated destruction and total annihilation. 

Here are some of the events of past week that affect the human race as a whole. Numbered for reference: 

1) Quote: "“These are common sense measures meant to protect life, and we will pass these measures into law over the Governor’s veto,” Speaker Jones said. “Missouri is a strong pro-child, pro-life state, and by overriding these bills we will show that protecting the sanctity of life is of the utmost importance to us.” Missouri did override the proabort Gov's veto to pass a state law requiring a 72 hr waiting period before an abortion, to give women time to seek alternatives and not be railroaded into abortion. Quote from :

2) This paragraph is about some new techniques to prevent conception thus depopulating the world. Prolife citizens have to be aware of/ recognize  the enemies of human life in order to develop a strategy to counter-act them. These contraceptives are bad news: "hormone-releasing microchips, radically redesigned condoms and even low-cost male birth control injections that could last up to 15 years." are the new methods being pumped by  Mashable and the Gates Foundation  and they  have the potential to end the human race.  Quote: "Dorflinger says there has been limited investment in contraceptive research and development in recent decades, but organizations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, which funds FHI 360's Contraceptive Technology Innovation initiative, have started to change that. FHI 360, specifically, is currently working on a new injectable contraceptive that could last for six months, a biodegradable implant and a subcutaneous method to deliver injectable contraceptives."
Specific information about those :
    a. "MicroCHIPS remote-controlled contraceptive ...a remote-controlled, implanted microchip that can deliver drugs beneath your skin – including hormonal birth control. It's designed to last up to 16 years, and can be controlled by wirelessly opening and closing a reservoir that releases the hormone levonorgestrel over a course of 30 days...."
b. "RISUG [Vasalgel] ...
Reversible inhibition of sperm under guidance (RISUG), commonly known by its more recent, (hopefully soon) commercial version, Vasalgel, is a revolutionary type of birth control. Why? It's a form of male birth control,..".
c. "Sino-implant (II)
The Sino-implant (II) is an affordable, subdermal implant made of two thin, flexible rods containing levonorgestrel (the same hormone in the microchip reservoir, mentioned above). Hormonal contraceptive implants aren't new – they were introduced more than 30 years ago."Remember this : if any human suppresses for 15-16 years the hormones produced by any gland that gland will cease to function. These contraceptives would make women and men sterile over time.
This information is from:
3)And "[Senator Rob] Portman's pro-life record is a testament to his sincere belief that every child in the womb deserves a likelihood at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness." From:

4) See Feb 25th 2014  post to 1 of my prolife blogs  which gives 27  medical references including topics  how women get pregnant [the anatomy and physiology] , clinical embryology, ectopics, infertility, medical treatments of humans in womb, neonatalogy; obstetrics and gynecology .  

5)Quote: "In the McCullen v. Coakley decision, all nine justices agreed unanimously that the [ban on ] sidewalk counseling law violates the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution." From : ". And "“By its very terms, the [Massachusetts] Act restricts access to ‘public way[s]’ and ‘sidewalk[s],’ places that have traditionally been open for speech activities,” wrote Chief Justice John Roberts in the opinion. “The government’s ability to regulate speech in such locations is ‘very limited.’  Roberts went on to say, “While the Act may allow petitioners to ‘protest’ outside the buffer zones, petitioners are not protestors; they seek not merely to express their opposition to abortion, but to engage in personal, caring, consensual conversations with women about various alternatives.”  McCullen v. Coakley, 573 U.S. (2014)." From : which includes an interview with Dave Sterrett who is Online for Life 's National Director of Church Outreach.

6) Photo of tiny baby held in the hands :
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 I, Gloria Poole, am a white, Southern Baptist Christian, woman, single-again, twice-divorced,natural mother of only two children who are grown daughters named Jennifer and Leigh, and also a republican, personhood promoter, prolife activist-blogger, photographer, artist in all mediums, poet, author, illustrator, cartoonist, writer, University of Georgia alumna, U S citizen born in the state of Georgia [but I lived in several places including New York, UK briefly, Nebraska, South Carolina, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina], former TV producer,tweeter, Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri [but before that in Georgia, UK, other states], owner/writer for words that WORK, and Tapestry of LIFE, photographer, and citizen journo . I do not have a 'boss" nor an employer , so do not be deceived by identity thieves and con-people. 

Gloria Poole is my real, born with legal name and I resumed my full maiden name including my surname of Poole legally by Court order at the time of divorce from male DBP in Colorado in Oct, 2007 at Centennial, Colorado; and I also removed the Pappas name from my name forevermore at the time of final decree in Oct 2007 . I was glad to end that four year horrible marriage of multiple trauma and injuries to me caused by male DBP, [which I testified about in Court on several occasions ].  That second divorce is public record in the state of Colorado, and my first divorce is public record in the state of Georgia. I have created art regularly since 1991, and I had formal training in drawing and in mixing colors /paint and painting in oils and I post much of the art I create on blogs of mine. You can see some of that art on one of my name blogs at and see the about me page of that blog for the list of art blogs I own and post art too, that are all different. .

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