Sunday, June 1, 2014

Save the baby humans is job number 1 for U S

Hello, again! I, Gloria Poole, RN, artist, residing in Missouri but born in state of Georgia, am adding more of the prolife news and events to help inform the public of ways to get involved in the @prolife cause; & of events affecting prolifers. I'm numbering for reference:

1) Newport Kentucky Bridge for LIFE  today @ 1:30pm.; with quote: "Participants in the walk will gather at the World Peace Bell in Newport at 1:30 p.m. for a brief program and then they will walk across the Purple People Bridge."

Read more:

2)  with quote: "Do you want to be in a feature film? We are taking requests for stories to be shared, the truth to be told, and chance pound at the hearts of those that believe different and Law Makers that make abortion legal in this country. If you want to make the case that abortion (the killing of our most innocent) is not healthcare." And " For more information please go to or"

3) Quote: " The memorial consists of 100 white crosses set in hay bales and includes signs from the campaign and ARPA Oxford. Another billboard shows a pre-born child in the womb and includes a Scripture quote from Psalm 139. Each cross represents one thousand pre-born babies aborted in Canada every year." Memorial for dead babies article with photo of crosses:

4) Quote: "On Saturday at the Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans, former Pennsylvania Senator and 2012 GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum said one of the biggest problems the GOP faces is that their prominent donors try to push moderate and liberal policies that are out of touch with the party's base. " And: 
"Santorum, who runs Patriot Voices and EchoLight Studios, which produces faith-based and family-friendly movies, said Republicans cannot be quiet on pro-life and pro-family issues on the national stage.."

5) Quote: "A spokesman for the “One of Us” campaign, which gathered the [2 million]  signatures to support a demand that government no longer finance the deaths of unborn children, said the outgoing members, whose terms ended Wednesday, vetoed the “largest petition in the history of European institutions.”

WND reported earlier this month that the petition sought to ban EU funds for “activities which presuppose the destruction of human embryos, in particular in the areas of research, development aid and public health.”
And quote: "
“The EU must take this seriously because we have to care for life,” Benedicta Lindberg, the One of Us coordinator for Sweden and the secretary-general for the Swedish pro-Life movement Respekt, said at the time."
And : "The gathering of nearly 2 million signatures for the Citizens’ Initiative comes less than six months after WND reported that socialists and Planned Parenthood failed in their effort to obtain a declaration that abortion and sex education for young children are “human rights” in the European Parliament."

6) Quote of South Dakota candidate: "Lora Hubbel: I would strike 2011 Senate Bill 38, the one that opened South Dakota to Obamacare. This law we passed now calls pregnancy an “emergency,” and it is now treatable with “emergency contraception” or the “morning-after pill.” This drug can actually expel the contents of the uterus up to seven or more weeks. That is an abortion, and it is hidden in our South Dakota law."

7) Review of some prolife movies is well -written and with photos:









16) please tweet your prolife news and events and cc: #savethebabyhumans; @ProlifeNurse; @prolife; #prolife; @personhoodUSA; @personhood1




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