Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Alabama Thanks for Choose Life license plates

I, Gloria, am adding snippets of the events that are involved in the medico-legal environment of abortion sin.

Alabama is allowing choose life license plates:; and see of The Alabama Prolife Coalition

Missouri prolife news: urge Missouri  Senate to approve H R 1430 to provide protection of religious principles of doctors and nurses so they cannot be fired or punished for refusing to kill:

U S Supreme Court to hear Susan B Anthony case about the regulation of political speech when it concerns prolife causes:

Also, I am adding a snippet about the baby boy Erik born to Simon Cowell and his paramour, as a save the baby humans thing to do. I cannot comment much more than that because the world knows the particulars of that situation. But it was a #PROLIFE thing to not abort that baby, and for that, I am grateful. All babies saved gives hope to all prolife activists.

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For the record, I am white, woman, Christian, [Southern Baptist], single again [divorced twice], and the natural mother of 2 grown daughters who are Jennifer and Leigh. I am also a #prolife activist by blogging and tweeting and following the #prolife news and events; and a republican, artist in all artists' mediums; and a Registered Nurse licensed in Missouri. I was born in the state of Georgia and am a U S citizen with First Amendment liberties to protest sin of  abortion and sin of sodomy.  I have other prolife blogs and you should read those also. You may follow me on twitter on any of my twitter accts including: @ProlifeNurse and @personhood1.

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