Tuesday, November 6, 2012

"Thou shalt not Kill"

I am writing to remind all readers that today is the day to vote. And to ask you to vote for the people who had publicly committed to the cause of saving baby humans in the womb, by their deeds & voting records and or veto power. Please vote for these men: Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan; Richard Mourdock, Todd Akin, and Ed Martin because they have endured the onslaught of the baby-killing-establishment in the White House to take a stand FOR human life [also known as prolife] to say they recognize the humanity of the being in the womb of a human woman as being HUMAN; with the full protections of the 14th Amendment clause of equal protection for all citizens regardless of where they reside. tiny humans before birth reside in the womb, a teeny tiny warm place with nutrition for them. They are separate and distinct from the mother.;they are not like the mother's arms or legs. <P>
 think about it. If a normally healthy woman decided to take a butcher knife and cut off her arm, she would be committed to an asylum fairly quick, with the medical assumption being that she was not in her right mind, clearly as evidenced by the self-destruction. But in the so-called civilized nations, there is an evil that spread across the land like blood, that not only allowed a woman to self mutilate her uterus and cervix, but also to purposely, with premeditation butcher her own offspring when they were too tiny to fight back against the abortionist. It is so heinous a sin, so evil a crime that it turns my stomach to think about it. <P>
 And I pray. Oh, how I pray. That GOD in HIS infinite mercy will have mercy on the tiniest, most defenseless humans in the womb, and raise up somebody who can and will stop the evil of abortion as a so-called "right". It is always a wrong, because GOD said so, in several scriptures with a variety of words including "thou shalt not kill" Exodus 20:13, KJV; and "even so it is not the will of your Father which is in heaven, that one of these little ones should perish." Matthew 18:14, KJV. Other scriptures on the cause of human life are: Genesis 1: 26-28; Jeremiah 1: 5; Psalms 139:13-18; Proverbs 31:8; John 10:10; John 14: 6; Job 3:10-13 ;Job 10:18-19;[verses in Job are Job's lament that GOD caused him to be born to a hard life and they are instructive because it is GOD who forms humans in the womb.] there are any other scriptures through-out the bible that make it clear that GOD creates life, sustains life, ends life, decides who goes to heaven and who goes to hell. Read the entire Bible cover to cover to satisfy yourself that what I write is true.<P>
  Also, see for the medical photo of tiny human in amniotic sac [bag of waters] . <P>
 This blog is part of an on-going 20 year long effort by me to turn the nation to righteousness, and away from the heinous sin/abomination of abortion. There can never be any such right as the "right" for a mother, who ought to be loving toward her children, to kill them, whether in the womb or anywhere. <P>
 Please pray that GOD's will be done today; and that this nations' voters select righteous men to lead the nation back to GOD's way, and away from premeditated killing , whether by drone or by scalpel. <P>
Gloria Poole,RN; and also I am an artist in oils, acrylics, watercolors, pen/inks, goauche,tempera, pencils.<P>
If you are curious about my paintings or sketches a few are on the web on blogs such as [scattered in archives] ,; and, and some were on Microsoft blogs that were also broken into by criminals. .My domains were stolen from me with  I.D. and emails accts stolen  from me that cybercriminals used to access hosting accounts to steal domains and original content I created of my paintings, sketches,drawings, photographs, words, poems, essays, lessons. Internet is fraught with risks. Serving GOD's purpose is the only reason it is worthwhile to me. The internet is not secure, so be careful what your children see, do on the web. My sites should be safe but not even those who own the platforms [servers, clouds] make any guarantees that they are safe or secure. There is no immoral or illegal content on any site I create but I have not been able to stop criminals from breaking into my accounts, and neither have my isps been able to stop them. <P>
REPEAT: please vote today and vote only for known, publicly recognized prolife candidates : Romney; Ryan; Mourdock, Akin, Ed Martin as AG for Missouri.  <P>Obama is the number one ENEMY of the humans in the womb because of his plan to murder them with taxpayer money via "ObamaCare"<P>
 My profile for this blog is at: <P>
 I logged back in to add this info: it seems that Facebook broke into this account of mine. they are unscrupulous and cyber-hackers. Also, I do NOT have a Facebook account of any sort in any "user name"; nor do I have a Pinterest account in any  "user name" ; nor do I ever set up anything to be downloaded to your computer from any site I create. Don't be deceived by fakes.

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