Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Save the Baby Humans

This is an on-going effort to persuade all GOOD people to get involved actively in saving the human race from premeditated destruction. There are million dollar ngo's with the goals of annihilating the future generations. The people of GOD must get on God's site in this 'War of words' to save the preborn future of the world.
  I have written letters since about 1991 & emails since about  1996, & websites & blogs since 2002 on the topic of ending abortion as a "right"; and electing prolife candidates to office; and teaching medical facts of the humanity of the child in the womb.
 Of interest always are the legislation efforts to create prolife amendments including personhood amendments declaring the human child in the womb as a "person" [and of course, they are!] for legal purposes also so they gain the protection of the 14th Amendment of the U S Constitution.
 For info about requirements in some states that abortionists should be required to meet medical standards of practice, read today's entry on blog; and also the entry that precedes it. Thanks.
 Gloria Poole, RN; Missouri; 20-Jun-2012 @ 5: 38pm

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